NYC Women March Against Donald Trump In A Daylong Strike

The protest’s aim was to create solidarity among women and to somehow convince the Electoral College to defect and vote for Hillary Clinton on Dec 19.

Protestors march

New York witnessed a daylong strike and “spending boycott” near Trump Tower by thousands of women protesting against President-elect Donald Trump.

The organizers of the Women & Allies Nationwide Protest & Strikeout, 68-year-old Anna Massaro and NYU senior Isabelle Gutierrez, said the main objective of the protest was not only to create solidarity among women but to urge the 37 electors to defect and cast their votes for Hillary Clinton at the Electoral College meeting on December 19.

Massaro is a seasoned activist who had run-ins with the KKK and who helped to register black voters in the '60s and '70s in the South. Meanwhile, the protest was Gutierrez’s first such effort and was inspired by her family’s fear after Trump’s election.

“I was expecting maybe 200 people to join the Facebook event in the beginning,” Gutierrez said. “Instead, I had about 3,000 people RSVP as ‘interested’ in about three days.” 

Protesters held signs that read “Donald Trump is dangerous — vote him out! And “He’s the swamp” and were encouraged to speak out about their fears.

Protestors march

woman protesting against Us President

Protesters against Us President

Trump shout slogans

Donald Trump shout slogans

“I’m protesting for my rights as a woman of color,” Edith, a 25-year-old freelance photographer, told Jezebel. “I feel really scared for myself. Every little bit that I can do to get my voice heard will at least give me peace of mind.”

“It’s clear that there’s a complete disregard for the democratic system, and we’ll be seeing ‘Oh, I don’t need to do this,’ and ‘That doesn’t matter,’” said 74-year-old Elizabeth, whose family had been prosecuted during the McCarthy era.

“I’m also very worried about the climate of hate,” she added.

For those people who were unable to take time out to protest, the organizers urged they participate in the all-day boycott and not spend a single penny on Monday.

When asked if the strike would make a difference, Massaro replied she has seen so from experience. Gutierrez said she will know she has done her job on Monday if “at least a thousand people show up.”

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