Woman Facing Marital Issues Bites Random Subway Passenger's Face

A woman was caught on video biting a random passenger’s face. The man tried to push her off but she kept attacking him, leaving one side of his face bloodied.


A violent woman was caught on video physically attacking an unknown man on a subway train in China.

In the disturbing footage, the woman can be seen brutally biting a random passenger’s face until he was covered in blood. The unsettling incident took place on Chongqing Metro’s Line 3 somewhere in the afternoon.  

The man, who was naturally shocked by what he was experiencing, tried to push the unnamed woman back, but failed. The man, identified only with his surname, Gao, can be seen screaming in pain as he pushed her back for the second time– this time forcefully, knocking the woman over her head.

The 56-year-old man then hurriedly gets off the subway train. The unidentified woman left him bleeding from one side of the face. After Gao pushed her to the floor, she apparently suffered from a mental breakdown, started screaming and stripped naked in the train’s aisle.

Within a few minutes, the subway staff called the police and started evacuating the passengers at the Jinzhu station. Travelers quickly left the train, understandably terrified of the woman’s behavior.

Gao was also rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Following this distressing incident, Chongqing Rail Transit issued a statement claiming that the woman who 36-years-old was acting abnormally after she lost her temper because of “relationship problems with her husband.”

Many people on social media made fun of the woman, calling her a zombie and a druggie – while others thought it was wrong to make a mockery of what was shown in the video, as the woman was clearly not in the right state of mind. 

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