Donald Trump’s Sexism Might Ruin His Daughter’s Business

Women are rallying together to boycott the Ivanka Trump Collection as the GOP presidential hopeful’s daughter refuses to distance herself from her father.

Though Ivanka Trump has insisted time and again that she is a champion for her gender, women are now realizing that she might just be as bigoted as her father.

Donald Trump’s campaign run has brought negative attention not just to his business, but to his children’s as well — and his daughter Ivanka, who has her very own fashion empire, is now discovering the disadvantages of being in the spotlight.

Although in public Ivanka has pushed businesses for paid parenting leave, it was recently revealed that her own employees had to fight for those exact same benefits. Like her father’s menswear, Ivanka’s fashion products are manufactured in countries like Mexico, China and Vietnam, despite her insistence that her company does not take advantage of the cheap labor there anymore.



Now some women are taking a stance and withdrawing away from the GOP presidential candidate’s eldest daughter after she continued supporting Trump despite the horrific sexual harassment allegations and the 2005 audio tape, which recorded him boasting about nonconsensual sexual advances.

Shannon Coulter, a tech and media specialist, rallied women behind her to boycott the Ivanka Trump Collection which includes jewelry, shoes, clothing, perfume and accessories. She has also called on stores that carry the brand, including Nordstrom, Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale and Macy’s, to stop selling her products.




To Coulter, who was a victim of workplace sexual harassment, it is inexcusable that Ivanka continues to back her father despite increasing evidence that he is a confirmed misogynist.

“I think [women] took particular offense,” Coulter said, “as I did, to the fact that Ivanka tries to make feminism a part of her brand but is standing by, as an official campaign surrogate, a guy who is an alleged serial sexual assaulter of women. The disconnect was too big. And they were ready to speak up about it and flex their consumer power about it.”

“If Ivanka Trump had distanced herself from the campaign, I would not be boycotting her. But something changed for me when that tape was released,” she added.

Coulter also started a hashtag “Grab Your Wallet” on Oct. 11, a reference to Trump’s “grab ‘em by the p*****” remark, which pushes people to “vote with their wallet.”









Lindsey Ledford said she also boycotted bargain stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, where she usually bought her clothing, and will avoid them until they stop selling Ivanka-branded clothes.

“She hasn’t spoken out. The Donald Trump brand and the Ivanka Trump brand — ultimately it’s all the same thing and in good conscience, I cannot buy that,” she explained.

“I don’t blame her for being supportive to her family. But the way she has positioned herself with her website, the one-stop shop for women who work and female empowerment, then acting as a surrogate for the most hateful, racist, sexist campaign — you can’t pick and choose like that,” Ledford added.

More than a million people have viewed Coulter’s post and she is receiving hundreds of retweets every day.

Ivanka Trump’s business had sales revenue over $100 million dollar in 2015, but it seems this year she might experience a decline in her profit.

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