The Unsung Women Whose Achievements Were Stolen By Men

History is full of women whose male counterparts tried to push them out of the picture by taking credit for their achievements.

The knowledge we have about the very basics of our being is all thanks to one women. But not many people know it.

Rosalind Franklin, a British biophysicist, was part of the team that discovered the DNA double-helix structure. Working with student Raymond Gosling, Franklin was able to get two sets of high-resolution photos of crystallized DNA fibers, known as Photo 51. 

Her evidence was shown to James Watson and Francis Crick, two rival researchers, by her estranged colleague Maurice Wilkins, without her permission. The photo became the basis for their thesis and the three ended up getting the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine — while Franklin got nothing. She succumbed to cancer at an early age, likely because of her exposure to radiation while making her groundbreaking discovery.

It was only decades later that Watson admitted to her contributions.

Franklin is not the only woman whose male counterparts have tried to push her out of the picture by taking credit for her achievements.

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