Women Had Sleeves Torn Off Before Test To Stop Cheating

Several of the women could be seen carrying the fabric that was once their sleeves into the exam hall while police stood guard outside by the dozens.

An Indian college humiliated several of its female students by cutting their sleeves off just before their nursing exams to prevent cheating.

According to The Guardian, a video on Indian TV showed staff members using razor blades and scissors to chop off the women’s sleeves on Sunday before granting them entry into the exam building.

In the clip, several of the women could be seen carrying the fabric that was once their sleeves into the exam hall while police stood guard outside by the dozens.

District education officer Lalan Prasad Singh claimed the sleeves were cut to protect the test takers but noted that an inquiry to identify exactly who was responsible is underway. In the meantime, “the school has been barred from holding exams,” Singh told reporters.

The bizarre and cruel act of cutting the women’s sleeves sparked protests outside other exam centers and a wave of social media complaints.

The New India Express reports that there was a notice sent home beforehand to notify the exam takers of the rules, including what type of clothing to wear. Additionally, the Muzaffarpur District Education Office maintained that the women willingly had their sleeves torn off, despite claims that it was done forcefully.

"The guidelines were circulated earlier, but they did not follow it. The invigilators did not do it forcefully, but the girls willingly snipped off their sleeves," the District Education Office said.

The Guardian reports that mass cheating has been an issue in the past as nearly 1,000 students were expelled by the Bihar state government in February for cheating on exams.

Furthermore, others have endured even worse dehumanizing treatment as army candidates were forced to take a written exam during recruitment in their underwear back in 2016.

Authorities have also banned students from wearing shoes into exams to make it tougher to sneak in unauthorized paper.

Despite what the District Education Office said, if the women were given an ultimatum to either remove their sleeves or miss taking the test, they really weren't given much of a choice. Therefore, to suggest that they "willingly" cut their sleeves off is rather misleading.

Also, if the so-called notice was sent out ahead of time, perhaps the administrators need to investigate whether there was an error or glitch in the process because several of the exam takers, clearly, didn't get the memo. 

It would come as no surprise if these women's scores are negatively impacted by the experience, which likely shifted their focus and distracted them from having their minds on the test. As a result of all the commotion, everyone who took the exam on this date should be allowed to take it again. 

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