Planning A Trip? These Are The Countries You Should Stay Away From

The report ranked 136 countries on the basis of how safe they are for travel and tourism, and apparently, the most dangerous is Colombia.

The World Economic Forum, a Swiss nonprofit foundation recently released its Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. The report analyzes 136 countries on the basis of tourism and travel and finally ranks them on the basis of how safe they are. The analysis was drawn taking into account instances of violence and terrorism, and doesn’t consider petty crime.

The report concluded that the five most dangerous countries are Nigeria, Pakistan, El Salvador, Yemen, and Colombia while the safest are Finland, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Oman, and Hong Kong.

On a list of 10 to 1, the 10th most dangerous country is Ukraine due to the clashes between its armed forces and Russian-backed armed separatists.

Moving on, the Honduras has one of the world’s highest murder rates and crime and drug trafficking is generally common in the country.

Talking about Kenya, which is 8th on the list, there are high threats of terrorism in the country, with common occurrences of bombings with grenades, shootings and stabbings.

Egypt follows in the list due to ISIS and other extremist groups that pose serious threats to public places and popular tourist sites.

The list goes on and on with Venezuela, Nigeria, Pakistan, El Salvador, Yemen follow and lead up to Colombia being on top of the list.

Check out the video to know more about these countries, especially if you’re planning a trip to one of them soon.

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