The World's Highest Bridge Is All Set To Open In China

Just 13 days after the closure of the world’s longest glass bridge, engineers in China have completed the basic structure of the world’s highest concrete one.

A new bridge, known to be the world's highest, is all set to open by the end of the year.

The Beipanjiang Bridge in China, which spans 2,362 feet between mountains and 1,854 feet above the Beipan River, will make traveling Liupanshui in Guizhou to Xuanwei in the Yunnan province much easier, reducing commute time to less than two hours.

Worlds Highest Bridge

Previously, the same journey would take around five hours. The bridge is nearly twice the height of the 95-story skyscraper, The Shard, in London.

On Saturday, the two ends of the bridge were linked, and now engineers are continuing work on the structure. Once completed, it will be included in the list of eight of the 10 world’s highest bridges that are present in China, and will be used mostly by automobiles taking passengers from one province to the other.

The previous record was held by the Si Du River Bridge, which crosses a valley in the Hubei province and hangs around 1,627 feet above the ground.

Not too long ago, the country opened the world’s longest glass bridge in Hunan province, which attracted a large number of terrified tourists. However, only 13 days after being open to the public, it had to be closed down due to the influx of people, since the bridge received around 10 times its maximum load capacity of 8,000 visitors per day.  So far, there is no news on when the tourist attraction may reopen.

Check out the video above to get an idea of what the new bridge will look like.

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