Syrian Girl Smiles Into The Camera Soon After Surviving Bomb Blast

In the midst of war, bombs and bloodshed, a little girl smiling into the camera has become the face of hope around the world.

A little Syrian girl has become the symbol of hope for people around the world.

With bandages across her face, wounded and bloodied, the girl smiles into the camera after a suicide bomb targeting a bus convoy killed at least 126 people near Aleppo, Syria. The buses carrying hundreds of refugees, who were being evacuated from the war-torn area, were attacked, leaving people stranded for hours.

The little child in the picture was also part of the tragedy. Her photo was captured in an ambulance as she was being transported to a hospital for treatment of a head and facial injury she received in the blast.

In the video above, the girl initially looks confused and bewildered at her surroundings, but as the camera zooms in on her she grins innocently while a doctor or paramedic amuses her with two inflated surgical gloves. The footage just goes to show how despite the conditions they’re living in, these refugee children are still regular kids at the end of the day and surely deserve a better life.

The civil war in Syria has impacted children the worst; they are not only living without the basic necessities of life, but also have lost all or most of their families at such a young age. An earlier report revealed that children in the war-torn zone are attempting suicide as they have now lost all hope of a better life. Around 8.4 million children are affected by the conflict in the Middle Eastern country and around 2.5 million of them are living as refugees in search of safety and peace.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Osman Orsal

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