Writer Saves His Laptop From Burning Home

A man from New Orleans, Louisiana rescued his beloved laptop from his Broadmoor apartment that was in the midst of burning down.

This writer may very well be considered Superman in the technology world after news broke that he rescued his laptop from his burning home.

Gideon Hodge ignored a firefighter who yelled “You can’t go in there!” and ran into his blaze-filled apartment to save his laptop from catching on fire and being destroyed, The Times-Picayune reports.

Hodge entered the smoke-filled living room of his bottom floor unit and saved his beloved laptop, safely putting it into a navy gym bag.

The Louisiana resident writes poems, screenplays and novels, in which his laptop contained two unpublished novels in it.

He talked about his treasured laptop saying, “It’s pretty much my life’s work.”

Hodge didn’t have a backup hard drive for his computer and he told the media, “I will fix that today.”

The computer was protected by a glass table, from any damage from water that was used by the firefighters to put out the flames.

On social media, people were commending Hodge’s bravery and also suggested that people should back up their files on a hard drive, according to Mashable.

The fire spread to multiple homes in the apartment complex and although many families lost their prized possessions, residents got out safely and there were no injuries reported.

Saving all of his files into an iCloud account and creating multiple hard drives would have saved this writer the stress and desperation of going back into his deteriorating home to retrieve his laptop. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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