A Yemeni-American Father Killed Himself Because Of Trump’s Travel Ban

Mohamed Salem committed suicide after two of his older children and wife were denied entry in the United States after Trump’s travel ban.


A Yemeni-U.S. citizen called his family over the phone to talk with them one last time before killing himself in July.

On July 18, Mohamed Salem called his family telling them he had a gun in his hand and will kill himself, before shooting himself dead.

Salem committed suicide after two of his older children and wife were denied entry in the United States, all thanks to President Donald Trump’s notorious Muslim ban that restrict travelers from seven countries — Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — from entering America.

This inhumane ban killed the hopes of several people trying to escape war-torn zones.

Salem reportedly turned off the lights, locked the door and hung a sign that said “closed” at Fat Boys grocery store in Crowley, Louisiana, before killing himself.

The 31-year-old had escaped Djibouti on the east coast of Africa along with three of his children. However, his Yemeni wife and two older children were still there after being denied entry in the United States because of Trump’s travel ban.

Scores of Yemeni immigrants, some of them American citizens, were separated from their family members after Trump administration’s harsh immigration policies.

After Salem hung up on his family, they called back. But when he did not pickup, the family reached out to one of his friends for help. Abdulrahman Ahmed, Salem’s employer and childhood friend, received a call from Salem’s 14-year-old son who was extremely worried about his father.

When Ahmed checked on Salem’s room, he discovered that his friend was no more and had fatally shot himself. According to Ahmed, Salem had no mental issues — his only constant worry was to get his family out of the war-ravaged area.

“We have a good relationship with each other. We don’t have any problems. We had spoken with him, we never thought it would happen,” said his older brother Mimun Salem, who lives in Michigan.

“I’ll say it’s the first and main reason. Maybe there is other stuff, but I could give it 90 percent. He cannot bring them here and at the same time, he cannot take them back to Yemen because it’s war,” he added.

Remaining in a constant fear for the well-being and safety of your family is not easy. It is heartbreaking and nerve-wrecking.

Salem probably wanted to get his family out of a country where human right abuses were rampant. But little did he know that the blatant bigotry of Trump’s America would frustrate him so much, he would take away his own life.

Even though Trump’s travel ban was criticized widely for being biased against Muslims, the U.S. Supreme Court backed President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban and rejected the argument that it represented unconstitutional religious discrimination.

Now POTUS has the green signal to go ahead with his hardline immigration policies.

Not only is the Trump administration barring people from the predominantly seven Muslim countries to enter the country, it is also separating children from their families under the draconian “zero tolerance policy.”

These children are naturally under stress. Toddlers were made to appear in court to defend their deportation. The kids who don’t even know about the kinds of threats existing in their home countries are forced to go through a complex legal system – all by themselves. Around 3,700 migrant children have been taken away from their parents and 100 of them are under the age of 5, according to the Department of Health & Human Services

The Trump administration has reportedly deported 463 parents from the country despite a federal order to reunite the families. The deported parents were first separated from their children under Trump’s child separation policy – now their children are left all alone in America.

All these polices of not letting people in the country and deporting those who are already in the United States only have one goal: to subject these immigrants to brutal torture so that the Trump administration could use them as a bargaining chip to get funds for a pointless border wall.

Sadly, Trump does not seem to understand how forcing people to go to dangerous war-ravaged areas and needlessly causing distress to their family members in the U.S., is immoral.

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