Yet Another Woman Tries To End Trump-Tied Secrecy Agreement

The woman has claimed that while working for President Donald Trump's campaign, she was harassed. But when she tried to sue, Trump's camp claimed she couldn't.

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Jessica Denson, a former employee of President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, is suing over a secrecy agreement that kept her from talking about the discrimination and abuse she reportedly experienced while on the job.

And as we all know, she's not the first one.

Denson claimed that she signed a non-disclosure agreement while working as a phone bank administrator and later as the Hispanic outreach coordinator, but that after being sexually and verbally harassed by a superior within the campaign, she didn’t think the agreement would impact her discrimination case. In the original lawsuit filed in November 2017, she said the campaign environment was hostile.

Denson also alleged that a supervisor made derogatory and demeaning comments about her after she was promoted, and that he started rumors claiming she had leaked Trump’s tax returns. The supervisor allegedly even tried to have Denson’s personal laptop and files taken from her.

After filing a discrimination suit against the campaign in New York state court, campaign officials pressured her to drop the case due to the confidentiality agreement she signed by seeking to move the lawsuit to arbitration.

But according to Denson, the agreement is unenforceable because it’s broad and violates public policy. As such, she decided to represent herself in a second lawsuit and is now asking the judge to void it.

According to Bloomberg, the document she signed keeps her from disclosing any confidential information regarding the president, his company, and his family, including all his sons and daughters.

This is the third case involving a woman who accuses Trump and his people of trying to keep them quiet.

It’s clear that Trump and his team are having a hard time trying to keep women from talking about their relationships or cases of abuse related to the president and his team. What’s left for us to learn is if this is the last woman to have been muzzled by Trump and his campaign.

Unfortunately, something tells us this isn't going to be the last time we learn of a similar case tied to the president.

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