YMCA Calls Cops On Muslim Woman Because Of Swimsuit

“What am I doing that is wrong? Watching my daughters? At my age I am not going to strip naked,” said the woman.


In yet another disturbing incident of bigotry in President Donald Trump’s America, a Muslim woman was religiously discriminated when all she was doing was watching over her kids at a club.

It all started after one of the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) officials called the cops on Fatima Najjati. Her crime: Wearing a full swimsuit.

The staffer apparently thought her fully covered body in swimwear was a threat to the public and so instead of giving a warning to the woman, the staffer called the cops on her.

“What am I doing that is wrong? Watching my daughters? At my age I am not going to strip naked,” she said to a CMPD officer who approached her.

“Under the YMCA policy you do not have proper swim attire,” the CMPD officer responded.

 Najjati was at the Charlotte YMCA pool with her two daughters who were swimming, as per the rules of the charity club; children under the age of 9 had to be supervised by an adult.  One of Najjati’s daughters is 8 years old, while the other is only 2 years old.

The mother was only looking after her daughters as advised by the clubs rules. Little did she know that YMCA officials would call the cops on her – just because she wore a fully covered swimming attire.

Najjati explained, being a Muslim, she chooses not to wear revealing clothes. 

“Of course I make sure to take swimwear material type clothing. Nobody has ever bothered me except for that day,” she explained.

After discriminating the mother of two, YMCA apologized.

“The YMCA of Greater Charlotte is committed to providing a welcoming environment for all people. We deeply regret our error, and we are grateful for Ms. Ajdir’s acceptance of our apology and her willingness to work with us to help our staff fully understand, respect and appreciate the many cultures, religions and experiences of our members,” the charity stated.

Naturally, Najjati had no other option but to accept their apology. After all, she lives in America and probably thinks of raising her daughters there too. Such incidents of anti-Islam bigotry only goes to show how helpless Muslims in the country are at times after facing such unwanted situations, where they are taken as terrorists or threats just because of their religion.

According to a report, more than two in five Muslim-Americans said their children faced bullying based on their religion. Trump’s ban on Muslims, only intensified the anti-Muslim rhetoric plaguing the country, making the lives of followers of Islam vulnerable

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