You Could Be Arrested For Taking A Selfie In This Country

Authorities decided to crack down on phone users taking selfies anywhere near a moving train after dozens of deaths associated with the practice occurred.

Taking photos of ourselves, commonly known as “selfies,” is a fad growing across the globe.

But in some countries, the action has pushed people over the edge — sometimes quite literally.

Now, Sri Lanka is outlawing the practice under certain circumstances to prevent fatalities.

The deadly accident that prompted the change in policy involved a 12-year-old boy who had been taking a selfie while standing on a train track in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with his 24-year-old brother.

They died while standing on the tracks, and they weren't the only ones.

According to Mashable, a newlywed man was also killed after being hit by a train as he tried to take a selfie with his wife. The woman is still under treatment for life-threatening injuries.

At least 28 deaths have been associated with selfies on the country's railroads this year alone. In an attempt to eliminate risk, authorities are cracking down on anyone taking pictures of themselves on railway tracks or near moving trains. Locals are being told that if they are caught, they might be arrested.

While it's understandable that Sri Lanka may want to preserve the lives of train users by urging them to steer away from danger, the country still comes in second for selfie-related deaths. With 76 fatalities associated with selfies in the last two years, India is the country with the highest number of deadly accidents involving individuals taking photos of themselves. Still, India has shown no signs it's ready to crack down on selfie-takers just yet.

Hopefully, just the announcement of this policy implementation will be enough to scare people away from making this mistake. Still, it's incredible to think people are risking their lives for a simple photo. Have we become this detached from reality?

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