Young Bernie Fan Hits Bill Clinton With Facts During 30-Minute Debate

A 30-minute debate ensued between Bill Clinton and a 24-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter after the young voter refused to shake the former president’s hand.

bill and hillary clinton

Former president Bill Clinton has been campaigning diligently for his wife, Hillary, who is on track to becoming the democratic presidential nominee.

Along the campaign trail, Mr. Clinton has experienced criticism surrounding his own legacy including his political mistakes, such as his crime policy that jailed too many people, as well as his scandalous sexual escapades and allegations against him that linger in Americans’ memories.

While his presidency, overall, is viewed positively among Democrats, his politics were put to the test when he encountered a 24-year-old Bernie Sanders fan in New Mexico who questioned his ideology.

The Sanders supporter, Josh Brody, refused to shake Clinton’s hand while he greeted diners at a restaurant.

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Brody explained that he wanted Sanders to clinch the nomination and if he doesn’t, he plans to vote for the Green Party candidate Jill Stein over Hillary, according to Mic.

He went on to condemn the former president for dismantling the welfare system, deregulating the financial sector, and his unfavorable record on free trade.

“Seems like your narrative,” Brody reportedly said, his voice louder than Clinton’s, “is that you did the best job that you could have possibly done from the most progressive standpoint that you possibly could have had.”

Brody’s criticism must have touched a nerve for Clinton because he proceeded to engage in a heated exchange with him that lasted nearly 30 minutes, according to Mic.

A significant part of the debate involved Brody calling out the fact that Mr. Clinton ran for the presidency as a representative of the “New Democrat” and a promise to steer away from the old New Deal-esque philosophies of the party, but he ended up perpetuating them instead.

The two men reportedly discussed a wide range of issues for that half-hour, digging deep into the early 1990s, despite Clinton’s aides trying several times to urge him to cut the conversation short.

BuzzFeed published a transcript of their conversation following the incident.

One may wonder why a 24-year-old was so passionate about legislation that was implemented when he was a toddler, but the effects of Clinton’s presidency didn’t end with his last term. 

Adults of today are still dealing with the residual consequences from the mistakes that he and his successor, George W. Bush, made.

Furthermore, Clinton’s wife — who obviously shares his ideologies — could become our next president. It’s important not to ignore the fact that Clinton will have significant influence over Hillary should she win the presidency.

Sanders — on the other hand — with his progressive agenda and revolutionary philosophies, represents change which is what young voters of Brody’s generation are looking for.

While expressing his own personal views, Brody inadvertently spoke on behalf of many young voters who don't want to turn back the hands of time to live through another Clinton administration. 

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