Allergic Child Forced Off Flight As Ruthless Passengers Cheer

This wasn't any ordinary trip for the 7-year-old - it was a bucket list trip with his dying dad.

A 7-year-old boy, Giovanni, was made to face the harsh realities of life way before he should have.

The child along with his parents had boarded an Allegiant flight from Bellingham, Washington, back home to Phoenix. But things took a turn for the worse when he broke out with an abrupt allergic reaction to something, causing a 90-minute delay.

"He began to get very itchy and he was scratching all over. He started to get hives, so we informed the flight attendant, who informed us that there's dogs on every flight and just smirked, which minimized his experience for me," said Christina Fabian, Giovanni’s mother.

Giovanni’s father, George Alvarado, who is suffering stage IV throat cancer, felt rather helpless upon seeing his son’s plight. The lowest point, however, came when people began to applaud as the family was escorted off the flight.

"You don't know how much time people have or why they are hurting. Just be nice. Be kind," said Alvarado.

The family made a complaint to the airline, though they only offered their “sincere apologies with regard to the negative experience.”

The little boy was rather disturbed as he said: "That made me really sadder when I was already sad. I’m sad this has to be a memory with my dad.”

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