11-Year-Old Boy Invents Device To Save Babies From Dying In Hot Cars

Bishop Curry, an 11-year-old Texas boy, put his clever mind to work solving a tragic and preventable summer problem: children overheating in cars.

Update: After raising almost $40,000 with his GoFundMe page, CBS has reported that 11-year-old Bishop Curry was able to create a 3-D model of the Oasis to help pitch his invention to potential manufacturers. His father, an engineer at Toyota, even took a stab at selling the idea to his own company. Toyota saw potential in the young boy's invention and so they paid for Curry and his father to attend the Child Injury Prevention Conference to help spread word of the device and hopefully get a manufacturing deal.

Curry told reporters that several companies expressed keen interest in the Oasis, but that nothing had been finalized yet. In the meantime, he continues to improve his device and build awareness on child car safety.

After an infant died from overheating in a minivan not far from his house, 11-year-old Bishop Curry put his inventor's mind to work.

He developed a small device that resembles a Lego block, but attaches to a car seat, blows cool air when the vehicle begins to overheat, and notifies the child's parents and authorities. He calls his invention the "Oasis."

The Independent reported that at least 712 children have died in the United States since 1998 after being left in a car for too long, a number reached by a meteorologist who has been tracking such tragedies for 19 years. The risk of infants dying from heatstroke increases in states like Texas, where Curry is from.

"We live in Texas where hot car deaths are far too common," the boy's father wrote on a GoFundMe page that has helped raise over $20,000 for his son's project.

Curry told reporters for Fox News that he had applied for a patent for his device and he hopes that it will be approved this year. His family already has a potential manufacturers in mind to make their son's dream a profitable and life-saving reality. 

Curry said he plans to spend most of his summer vacation honing the details of his invention, and perhaps he'll even come up with a few more.

"I really dream to have lots of inventions that save many lives," Curry said.

That's a remarkable dream, and we will be rooting for this young inventor as he changes the world.

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