Awesome Child Calls InfoWars Reporter 'A Fu****g Idiot' On Live TV

When a representative from Infowars went to an anti-Trump rally to bully kids, this little girl decided to teach him a lesson.


Not all heroes wear capes.

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and President Donald Trump’s ardent supporter, Alex Jones, is known for making bizarre conspiracy claims on his show “InfoWars.”

And ever since Trump has taken office, the right-wing radio program has apparently started harassing people on the streets with people who disagree with the POTUS.

But one little girl turned the tables on InfoWars after Owen Shroyer, one of the show's "reporters," went to a pro-immigration rally in Austin, Texas, and started bullying children. It wasn't particularly a lengthy exchange.

Shroyer went up to the girl and referred to her as a “young man.”In response, the unidentified girl simply said: “You’re a fu****g idiot.”

“Wow! Who taught you that language,” asked Shroyer.

“My mother,” she responded. 

 “So your mother taught you that foul language?” he inquired.

 “In the car,” the girl answered while smiling and nodding.

The reporter probably didn’t get the complete dose of embarrassment so he went on and asked, “Why am I an idiot?” Watch the response to this question in the video above.

Following this episode, the reporter tried to garner sympathy on social media, with this tweet.


But that didn’t work out for him either.









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