Stephen Miller's Sexist Ego Tried Proving Boys Are Fasters Than Girls

During his high school years, President Donald Trump’s trusted advisor Stephen Miller allegedly jumped into a girls' team track meet to prove men always outperform women.

Stephen Miller gets his jacket detailed by former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

It seems as if President Donald Trump’s top senior advisor for policy had a special fondness for misogyny as far back as his high school days. 

Stephen Miller, 32, who has allegedly consolidated his influence as his former pal in the White House, Stephen Bannon, was eventually kicked out, seems to have no problems asserting himself as an uncompromising conservative.

Now, it seems that even as a high school student, his animosity toward women was just as strong as his hostility toward immigrants.

According to The New York Times, Miller’s high school colleagues always knew their school mate’s passion for conservative politics. From his alleged lack of sympathy for janitors to his reported decision to walk away from friends because of their ethnicity, there was also some space to hate on women.

At some point during his high school years, The New York Times learned, Miller jumped into the final stretch of an all girls’ track meet to somehow prove that men were physically superior to women.

When asked to comment, the White House failed to deny the incident had happened, choosing to simply point out that the incident involved a girls’ team from another school, not his own. For some reason, the White House seems to think that mocking girls is alright, so long as they are from another school.

Still, the fact he allegedly jumped onto the track to somehow prove his superiority to women is what matters and why this infamous episode of Miller’s past is being revealed now.

On Twitter, users did not hesitate to grill the adviser over his sexist demeanor.

Despite the backlash, we doubt that Trump’s White House will do anything about Miller’s alleged belittling of both immigrants and women by either officially reprimanding his behavior or by bringing his employment with the Trump administration to an end.

Are racism and misogyny prerequisites to work in the Trump administration? It sure seems like it.

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