A Gazan Journalist Was Deliberately Shot In Both Legs By IDF Snipers

Yousef Kronz is still suffering from intense pain and doctors are fighting to save his second leg from amputation.



A young Palestinian photographer’s left leg was amputated after he was shot by an Israel Defense Forces sniper while covering protests. Now efforts are underway to save his right leg that was shot just seconds after the first one. 

Yousef Kronz, 19, was seriously wounded after being shot by an IDF sniper while he was covering the mass demonstration along the Gaza border. He was shot despite the fact he was wearing a vest that clearly said “Press.”

A sniper first shot his left leg, and as he tried to get up, a sniper shot him in the right leg as well. Kronz said the rounds that wounded him came from two different directions, which means two different marksmen targeted him.

After being shot, Kronz was taken to Bureij refugee camp; however, a request was sent to Israeli authorities to transfer him to Istishari Hospital, a more sophisticated facility in the north of Ramallah. Initially the request was dismissed but Kronz was later allowed to be transferred.

None of his family members were allowed to accompany him except for his 85-year-old grandfather, who was also forced to leave the facility after a few days.

Kronz is still suffering from intense pain and doctors are fighting to save his second leg from amputation.

The incident took place on March 30 when he set off from his home to take pictures for a news agency. He recalled that around 25 reporters gathered in a tent and decided on a strategy to how to go about it. Kronz said all the reporters feared that a great number of causalities would take place.

He added he took around 950 pictures and decided to head back home. As he picked up his camera and tripod, a bullet struck him. His camera fell away and he collapsed. He then immediately tried to get up but that was when another bullet slammed into him.

Kronz shouted for help and he was carried away by some young demonstrators to an ambulance. He still has a long road to rehabilitation and wonders if he will ever be able to walk again.

The 19-year-old is in his first year at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. His father is a Gaza-based police officer. Kronz was active on social media and kept updating his circle about the protests. Recently, he purchased a camera, half from his savings and half with the help of his father, and began working for a local news agency, Bureij.

Kronz was not armed nor was he inciting violence. He was performing his duty by being a voice of hundreds of unheard Palestinians who are subjected to Israel’s brutality while protesting on the Gaza border.

The only weapon he had was his camera.

Banner/Thumbnail: Reuters, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

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