YouTube Vigilante Is Being Sued For Putting A Pedophile In Jail

The online vigilante's work has so far led charges for seven men, all of who face serious time behind bars if convicted.

Zach Sweers runs a YouTube channel called Anxiety War where he allegedly encounters sex predators. He recently helped put seven accused sex predators behind bars by posing as a 15-year-old girl online.

"So many people turn a blind eye to it and don't really know how dangerous it can be and what people are capable of doing online. People don't think it's real. The danger is already in your house on the internet," Sweers said.

However, he is now facing legal action from Zach Snoeyink, one of the alleged predators. The video above is a plea of help.

“I’m really looking for an attorney,” Sweers said in the video. “I need an attorney.”

Since he cannot afford one, he has asked viewers to contribute to a GoFundMe account to help him out.

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This is how he describes his encounter on his fundraising page:

“In January of this year, I posed as a 15-year-old girl online and corresponded with a 29-year-old man who said he wanted to have sexual intercourse with me. All while thinking the person he was talking to was a minor and after a sexually charged conversation, he stated in chat that he could get a room but later thought his home would be better, saying, ‘I figure you could be loud if you wanted or if we got the bed rocking lol.’

"With this in mind, I told him to pick me up at Taco Bell. Unfortunately, after almost two weeks of chatting with him online posing as an underage girl, he actually showed up in real life waiting for the girl in the parking lot. Only when I confronted him with my video camera did he realize that the girl he thought he was talking to online never existed and he suddenly found himself in a world trouble."

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“I reported him to the police and gave them the complete chat log and the complete video of my confrontation with him.” he continued. “The police interviewed him — the police conducted their own investigation and didn’t believe him either  he was arrested on the charge of accosting a minor for immoral purposes, a felony in Michigan, but has since bonded out of jail. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing and his criminal case is ongoing. I’ve been called as a witness in the case.”

Sweers uploaded his experience on his YouTube channel. Now he is being sued for the video on the allegations of defamation.

Snoeyink says the portrayal of him in the video is inaccurate and ruining his life.

“More than the population of this city has seen his face on the Internet with the label sexual predator and unjustly so,” said Snoeyink’s attorney Ross Plont.

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