YouTube Star McSkillet Among Three Killed In San Diego Supercar Crash

The 18-year-old YouTuber, who went by the name McSkillet, killed a mother and daughter while driving his $200,000 sports car the wrong way.



A popular YouTuber star, known by his followers as McSkillet, killed a mother and daughter in a head-on collision after driving his supercar at high speed the wrong way down the highway in San Diego, California – an accident that some believe might have been an act of suicide.

The 18-year-old online celebrity, whose real name was Trevor Heitmann, was reportedly driving faster than 100mph when his $200,000 McLaren sports car crashed into an oncoming SUV and erupted in a fireball.

He also didn’t survive the collision.

Although the victims were not identified at first, the authorities later released their names. The unfortunate mother and daughter who lost their lives in the horrible crash were 43-year-old Aileen Pizarro and 12-year-old Aryana Pizarro, who was set to begin her seventh-grade shortly.


About five other cars were also involved in the ensuing pile-up, while several people were reportedly injured.

Just 30 minutes before the fatal crash, the supercar was also reportedly involved in an accident at a local elementary school where it drove into a fence. Luckily, no one was injured in that particular incident.

The 18-year-old, who had amassed about 877,000 subscribers on YouTube through his mostly gaming-related videos, reportedly suffered from mental health issues.

As reported by the BuzzFeed News, the teen had made a fortune from ad revenue and trading video game “skins” – graphic designs for weapons used in popular online game Counter-Strike.

In fact, Heitmann was known online as “the King of Skins.”

Meanwhile, the California Highway Patrol said it’s investigating if Heitmann intentionally drove on the wrong side of the highway.





As for the victims of McSkillet’s car crash, a GoFundMe memorial fund has been created for their funeral expenses.

“Yesterday, both my mother and sister were taken from our family in an instaneous car accident in San Diego,” read the description. “During this time, me, my grandfather, and brother are trying to come to grasp with our new reality and push forward with our lives. This GoFundMe is to help aid my family with funeral costs and any additional expenses related to Aileen and Aryana’s deaths!”

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