Suspected White Supremacists Abduct And Assault 13-Year-Old Child

The men allegedly attacked the child, who says one of his captors was "a heavy built white man with a racial slur tattooed on his arm."



A 13-year-old boy managed to escape after he was reportedly kidnapped from a bus stop in Houston.

Zavion Parker was on his way to home from school when a group of five teenage boys allegedly kidnapped him and sent "threatening messages" to his mother from his cellphone, ABC 13 reports.

Michelle Lee, the victim's mother, called police, who started gathering information. However, during their investigation, they found Zavion, however, not his clothes were torn and he had no shoes.

The child later told authorities as he got off the bus, the five teens approached him and forced him into "a 4-door vehicle decorated with flames on the side."

At least one adult white man accompanied the teenagers. Zavion recalled he had a racially-charged tattoo on his arm that read, “I hate black people.” He was the one who drove the vehicle.

The alleged kidnappers took Zavion to a vacant building where they assaulted him. They also took his cellphone, keys and shoes.


They went into another room to load a gun, Zavion added. It was then when he escaped. As he ran away from his captors, a witness, Camecia Carmouche, spotted the distressed-looking child and stopped to help him.


The investigation is still ongoing. However, many believe Zavion was targeted because of his race:




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