Zoo Director Defends Decision To Kill Gorilla

A 17-year old silverback gorilla was recently killed at the Cincinnati Zoo and a zoo director at another location agrees with the decision to kill the animal.

Pretend you are an endangered animal, yearning to be free from a caged life and you are constantly being given rules and restrictions.

Then, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, a boy comes in your caged private are and you make a decision of what to do with the young boy.

Recently, at the Cincinnati Zoo, a 4-year-old boy entered an endangered gorilla’s premises, the animal dragged the boy through the moat of the area and the gorilla was soon killed by the zoo’s animal response team.

Jack Hanna, the director of the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, has publicly agreed with the Cincinnati Zoo’s decision to kill the animal.

“They made the correct decision. All of us are sorry, but thank goodness a human being is alive today because of the decision that the zoo made,” Hanna said to CBS.  

PETA has been vocal about the killing of the 17-year-old silverback gorilla named Harambe and the organization has tried to convince others to avoid zoo facilities for putting animals on display.

While it is understandable why officials in the zoo’s animal response team killed the gorilla due to possible harm or killing of the young boy, it makes sense why the gorilla may have felt threatened in his environment and snapped and grabbed the boy.

Jack Hanna

We may never know if the gorilla’s true intention was to truly harm, kill or just play with the 4-year-old boy.

The boy is back at home after successfully being treated at the hospital, while the gorilla no longer is alive on this Earth.

Banner Image Credit: Fox News, Facebook

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