11 Most Accurate Doppelgangers In Sports

July 24, 2014: Same face, different name, different game.

It's a famous myth: There are seven doppelgangers for every face in the world.

While we don't know about seven, we have identified at least one famous look alike for several superstars. We've started their quest for them; they can look for the remaining six by themselves.

Here they are:

Andy Murray and Andrew Garfield


Lionel Messi and Adam Young


Kyle Korver and Ashton Kutcher


Dan Marino and David Hasselhoff


Kris Humphries and Taylor Lauttner


Andrea Pirlo and Chuck Norris


Josh Smith and The Game


John Elway and Gary Busey


Robin van Persie and Ben Affleck


Carlos Bianchi and Larry David


LeBron James and John Amos


Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Andy Murray / Andrew Garfield

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