5 Reasons Why Deontay Wilder Is The Next Big Thing In Heavyweight Boxing

Deontay Wilder is ready to explode, and this is why.


At 6'7, Deontay Wilder has plenty of size for boxing's long forgotten heavyweight division. But does he also have a big enough game and personality to revive a weight class that hasn't seen a decent fight in years?

A lot of folks are putting their faith in him ahead of his first title shot against world WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne. They apparently have enough reasons to believe that on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, a star will be born. The new face of heavyweight boxing will be Wilder's.

Let's review the things that have made people think so highly of him:

Wilder's 32-0-32 Record Proves He Is an Animal

Wilder is unbeaten and has won all of his 32 fights via knockouts. No fighter has ever gone past Round 4 against this beast. As notorious a knockout artist as Mike Tyson was, even he had to go the distance in his 19th fight.

Wilder Has Extraordinary Speed For a Man His Size

Even those who refuse to take Wilder's record seriously admit that he has great knockout power. But the pugilist himself is of the opinion that power is only the second greatest of his assets. His speed is criminally underrated.

Wilder Has A Wild Mouth That Can Sell Fights

As we all know, the heavyweight division has long been dead. Its corpse is so cadaverous at this point that talent alone won't resurrect it. A figure like Muhammad Ali or Iron Mike that combines talents with big mouth and bigger quotes is the remedy. And Wilder is just what the doctor ordered.

Last year, he had the audacity to claim that he would destroy the likes of Ali and Tyson in a hypothetical matchup. In fact, he believes no one less than 6 ft 5 inches stands a chance against him. Yeah, he may be going a bit delusional there, but statements like that one has a history of bringing the fans back to fights.

Watch him sing a song at a press conference in the video above.

Wilder Is Playing The Social Media Card Just Perfectly

With pranks like these, he has only endeared himself to his fast growing lesion of fans.

And Lastly, He Knows How To Handle Cyber Bullies

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