Eagles Fan, Turning 100 In March, Finally Sees Team Win The Big Game

Philip "Philadelphia Phil" Basser, 15 years older than the Eagles themselves, finally got to see his hometown team win the big game this past weekend.

“Philadelphia Phil,” a 99-year-old resident of the City of Brotherly Love, finally got to see his team win the big game — and in person, too.

After another 99-year-old grandmother made headlines during the NFC championship game for wishing to see the Vikings go to the Super Bowl, 18-year-old Josh Potter tweeted out that fans of the “Purple People Eaters” weren’t the only ones with someone who had been waiting decades for the Lombardi Trophy to come to their city.

Philip Basser, 99, last saw his team win an NFL championship game in 1960 — 10 years before the NFL-AFL merger in 1970. Since that time, the Eagles have gone to the Super Bowl three times, losing twice — but winning a championship, finally, this past Sunday.

His rivalry with the Vikings fan who shares his age — 99-year-old Millie Wall — was a friendly one, he said in an interview before the NFC championship game. But since his Eagles bested her Vikings in that game, it was on to the Super Bowl, where the Eagles franchise made sure Basser would be able to attend.

Basser has seen his fair share of life over the years. Born 15 years before the Eagles even existed (and a few years before the NFL was established as well), Basser was orphaned at an early age, losing his mother when he was 4, and only seeing his father on weekends. His father died just before he was deployed during World War II. Basser also served in the Korean War.

His wife of 65 years died just last year. But through all the hardships, Basser has kept his head up.

“One could look at my life and see the hurdles and the tragedy,” Basser said. “These were all devastating, but I choose to wake up each and every day seeing the best that life has to offer.”

Now, set to turn 100 in March, Basser can say he saw his favorite team win the Super Bowl. There are plenty of people celebrating that win, of course, but few can say they’ve waited longer for it than Basser did.

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