Chilling Video Comprises Every NFL Concussion From 2017

The video reminds us of how violent and dangerous football is, but the artist behind it doesn't want to bring an end to the game.

Concussions were all the rage in NFL games throughout the 2017 season. As the public becomes more aware of football’s potentially negative consequences to the brain, an artist decided to put together footage depicting every single time a player got a blow to their head, making one hell of a chilling video.

The 280 concussions are slowed down and shown in reverse so the viewer has a full grasp of the violence associated with America’s favorite sport.

WARNING: The following video contains footage some viewers may find upsetting.

Josh Begley, the artist, wrote that while the video may be seen by some as an argument to bring an end to the sport, what he wants is to focus on the pain and suffering involved with the game. This will help to sensitize the audience once again.

After so many decades of loving the sport, we have become desensitized to the violence behind it, he explained.

“By cutting together only these scenes of injury — moments of impact, of intimacy, of trauma — and reversing them, I hope to open up a space to see some of this violence anew,” he wrote.

He said his goal is “defamiliarizing the familiar.”

On Twitter, users responded with a mix of sadness and disappointment, as many users said they believe the sport is too dangerous to continue as it is.

Others said football players know that they are getting into a dangerous sport, and that it's up to them to live with the risks.

Whether or not this video helps to push the NFL and other groups to work on making the sport safer, concussions will remain part of the conversation. Until a real solution is identified, we hope this video will help us all to remember just how dangerous this sport really is.

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