Eagles Fan Must Fork Over $125 For Stealing Super Bowl Stadium Seat

An Eagles fan got a little carried away after his team won the Super Bowl last Sunday and is now being charged $125 after he ripped out a stadium seat.

Eagles fans were pretty excited Sunday when their team claimed their first Super Bowl victory. But some fans may have gotten a little too hyped up.

One man, in particular, celebrated by stealing one of the Super Bowl LII stadium seats. 

The fan, who ripped the seat out of its place, took it on a little adventure, checking it at the coat check, He was later caught with it slung over his bag, using it as a piece of carry on luggage at the airport. 

The fan and his new chair slowly became infamous on the sports section of the Twitterverse. Eventually, the chair's original home, U.S. Bank Stadium, was alerted of its robbery. 

The Minnesota Sports Facility Authority (MSFA), which leads the stadium's operations, was notified of the video of the fan stealing the chair and was investigating the debacle. 

They eventually were able to locate the now "regretful" fan, who will be forking over $125 to pay for the chair's replacement.

Maybe from now on fans should stick to jerseys and hats for souvenirs instead of parts of the actual stadium — just a suggestion.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Kevin Lamarque 

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