Is Trump The Reason Mexican Fans Booed During US National Anthem?

During a Sunday match, Mexican fans booed and yelled slurs at U.S. players and fans. Is this a sign that the world is beginning to hate America?

During Sunday night's World Cup qualifier game between the United States and Mexico in Mexico City, local soccer fans booed and jeered as the U.S. national anthem played before the game started.

While both countries have never had the easiest of relationships, this appears to be an escalation of a seemingly intense rivalry between the two countries over the years. Is this a sign that people around the world are beginning to hate Americans?

In the past, Mexican fans have harassed American players. But during Sunday's game, Mexicans not only booed, they also hurled slurs, reportedly calling U.S. goalie Brad Guzan “puto” meaning gay prostitute, Newsmax reports. They even flashed middle fingers to American fans, who were cordoned off in a separate area of the stadium for security reasons.

According to the Miami Herald, even riot police officers were in place to keep fans from both sides from experiencing any violence.

On Twitter, many U.S. fans showed signs of frustration.

After President Donald Trump won the election in November, the American and Mexican national teams faced each other in a game that took place in Columbus, Ohio. Many feared that since the game was happening just three days after the election, violence would eventually erupt. Nevertheless, the game occurred without any incidents — the two teams even joined for a friendly photo before the game started, the Miami Herald reported.

It's understandable that Mexican soccer fans would be upset at Americans for electing Trump. This particular incident could be a sign of a growing trend, which may have been ignited by the president's lack of diplomacy and tact when discussing different cultures.

Only time will tell if these fears are grounded in reality or if this particular incident is just that, a deviation from the normal.

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