Hideous Ronaldo Statue Is Replaced, But Some Want The Old One Back

An abysmal statue of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo was replaced this week with one that is truer to his likeness. But some aren't happy with the replacement.

Famous footballer (that’s a soccer player, in America) Cristiano Ronaldo was honored with a new statue that replaced a rather unfortunate looking one previously mounted. Yet despite the update, fans are still disappointed with the bust.

Some fans who saw the update, placed at Madeira airport in Portugal, don’t believe that either the previous statue or the current one match Ronaldo’s true appearance. They voiced as much on social media, pointing out comparisons to other individuals besides the Real Madrid player.

Still others were upset that the original statue was replaced in the first place, including those who live close to it. They considered removing the original bust, which was widely ridiculed for failing to match the footballer’s true likeness, a bad move in itself, stating that the original was, ironically, a draw for tourists. They’ve even started a petition to get it back.

“We consider that the bust is more an attraction for our island today, and we cannot accept in any way its replacement,” a translated version of the petition reads.

This may be one of those cases of being unable to please everyone, no matter what the outcome is. The original statue is beloved for being so wrong, and the new statue doesn’t have many fans won over yet either.

Despite early difficulties, however, it’s good that the statue was replaced, and in time, it will likely be accepted. The original did not encapsulate the likeness of the person it was trying to emulate, and the replacement, being requested by Ronaldo’s family, was much-needed.

Hopefully, in time, fans can see that the new statue is a thousand times better than the original.


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