BBC Reporter Makes A Splash At Commonwealth Games — Literally

Mike Bushell just wanted to do an interview with British swim team members. Instead, he made a splash of his own, providing laughter for millions of viewers.

A BBC reporter attempting to interview a group of British swimmers found himself in the pool instead.

During coverage of the Commonwealth Games, Mike Bushell was interviewing five swimmers who were representing England. Bushell decided to sit next to them, with their feet dangling on the edge of the pool into the water.

Bushell also had to interview the athletes, and worry about his electronic mic pack on his person at the same time. So he stood up to turn and ask a question of swimmer Sarah Vassey. As he turned, however, Bushell lost his footing, and made a splash in a way most journalists typically don’t want to.

“I’m going to be careful because I’ve got a sound pack on,” Bushell said — a split second before he misstepped, landing himself neck-deep in the water.

The swimmers erupted in laughter at the hilarious moment. They weren’t alone, as Bushell himself pointed out.

“All the people here are literally on the floor,” he said.

The interview had to be cut short because, as Bushell rightly assumed, his mic pack malfunctioned.

People on social media couldn’t believe what they were watching.

The Commonwealth Games is a sporting event, similar to the Olympics, except only involving teams who are part of the Commonwealth of Nations. This year’s games are in Australia and have been on since April 4. They will end April 15.

Many memories will, of course, be made at the competition, but for one BBC reporter, the wildest memory of all will be his moment of international stardom — not as a swimmer, but as an individual who nevertheless made headlines in the pool. Bushell was quite the sport for conducting (and attempting to finish) the interview, and his fall has brought smiles to millions of people around the world.

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