Formula 1 Chief Says Women Drivers "Would Not Be Taken Seriously"

Formula 1 races might not see any more female drivers in the near future. Apparently, females just “wouldn’t be taken seriously.”

Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone has suggested that the sport of auto racing may not see any female drivers in the future.

Women “would not be taken seriously” in the sport, apparently. It’s a shocking statement, especially coming from Ecclestone, who just last year called for a women’s only series to go alongside the Grand Prix schedule.

“I doubt it,” he said while further elaborating his stance. “If there was somebody that was capable they wouldn’t be taken seriously anyway, so they would never have a car that is capable of competing.”

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Interestingly, this comment came on the very same day as former Williams F1 test drivers Susie Wolff introduced a scheme, “Dare to be Different,” to encourage more women to take part in motorsports. Ambassador and Briton Alice Powell, who was the first female winner of the Formula Renault series in 2010 and has contested in GP3, said: “Someone needs to prove Bernie wrong. It would be a shame if a team would turn down a female to race in F1 because they would not be taken seriously.”

“That is one of the issues, that people don’t take the chance, as they think it will be a joke,” she added. We’re not a joke and it just makes it harder for females to race at the highest level.”

It is indeed a shame that women who have risen in all careers and activities around the world, are not being encouraged to participate in a sport where they have previously proven their worth.

Being a female somehow implies that sportswomen can’t be at par with men in their performances, although, there are numerous examples of ladies who have outdone their male counterparts.

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