Black Fox Sports Host Taps Impersonator To Mock Colin Kaepernick

Fox Sports host Jason Whitlock found himself in hot water after tweeting a photo from his show of a man impersonating and mocking Colin Kaepernick.

Two black women wearing Colin Kaepernick shirts have arms wrapped around each other during protest

The host of Fox Sports 1 “Speak for Yourself,” Jason Whitlock, is facing scrutiny for allowing a man who appears to be white impersonate Colin Kaepernick on his show.

The man wore an afro wig along with a black glove and Kaepernick’s 49er jersey. Making matters worse, the photo that Whitlock later shared on Twitter depicted the man raising a fist in the manner of the black power salute.

As expected, the Twitterverse wasted no time responding to Whitlock with criticism and backlash for mocking Kaepernick and his fight for racial justice.

Even Whitlock’s own colleague, Shannon Sharpe, called the stunt “unacceptable” and declared that he will be bringing the issue to the higher-ups at Fox Sports.

While Whitlock may not like Kaepernick or agree with the public stance he has taken, going out of his way to humiliate him is tacky and petulant.

Furthermore, with race relations being rocky and white supremacy taking center stage in social and political spaces, it’s imperative that people of color come together in a united front against the hate that is threatening minority communities.

Instead, Whitlock is deliberately tearing another black man down in the name of television ratings.

The sports anchor may not be onboard with Kaepernick’s movement, but using his platform to fuel negativity is doing a great disservice to the ongoing struggle for racial equality. 

Amid all of the backlash, TMZ reported that the man in Whitlock's picture is not white, but is actually the fair-skinned black actor Christopher Reid — better known as "Kid" of the "Kid n' Play" duo from the 1990s "House Party" films. 

Reid has reportedly not yet confirmed nor denied whether he is the man in the photograph. However, even if it is him, that doesn't make the stunt any less problematic.

In fact, it's even worse to have two black men willingly make a mockery of an important movement that strives to improve the quality of life in America for all people of color, which includes them. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, USA TODAY SPORTS

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