The British Olympic Team Was In For One Last Challenge At Heathrow

Team GB arrived home from the Olympics still celebrating a historic medal haul — but they had one more impossible feat to overcome first.

Red bag

The Great Britain Olympic team had to face one last  hurdle before they could leave for home — find their bags.

The British team returned from the 2016 Rio Games on a British Airways’ plane, painted with “victorious,” with a record-breaking stash of medals and landed with much fanfare at London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday.

However, when the team members went to retrieve their bags, they were in for a tedious surprise task: to check each identical red sports bag to see if it belonged to them.

While the purpose of wearing a uniform is to ensure other people can identify which team an athlete belongs to, using identical bags is just makes things unnecessarily complicated.

But the victorious team, which won the third-most overall medals in the Olympic Games, easily managed to find the humor in the situation.

Windsurfer Nick Dempsey posted a picture of his resigned face with the caption, “Mine’s the red one.”


Rower Matt Langridge actually thought finding his luggage was more challenging than his race.




Soon the search escalated into game aptly dubbed “Spot Your Bag.”

Gymnast Becky Downie posted a short video of the scene, in which the athletes were seen roaming around the hall, peeking into one another’s bags and finally, shrugging in defeat.


“Where’s Waldo?” has nothing on this hunt.

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