13 Knockouts So Brutal They'll Make Your Stomach Churn

You wouldn't wish beating this brutal on your worst enemy. Or maybe you would.

Who doesn't like watching one dude beat the hell out of another in the name of sports? Visual violence in the form of competition is actually what tames the beast residing in most of us.

In case you need a bigger cathartic experience this time, scroll down and watch 13 of the most violent, brutal and gruesome knockout blows ever from boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and others.

Elbow galore

Iron Mike's vicious uppercut

Lyoto Machida's sleep-inducer on Rashad Evans

Lyoto Machida


This spinning back fist

Paul Felder knocks out Danny Castillo.

Pernell Whittaker nearly slugging Diosbelys Hurtado to death

Pernell Whittaker


No-look left hook KO

hook KO


Ray Mercer KOs Tommy Morrison and then some

Ray Mercer


Capoeira spinning back heel

Capoeira spinning back heel


Knockout that nearly took face off the head



Judo head kick KO

Judo head kick KO


The late Arturo Gatti's famous three-punch job on Joey Gamache

Arturo Gatti


Double KO

Double KO


Flying kick off the cage

Flying kick

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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