Buffalo Bills Player Appears To ‘Levitate’ After Diving For A Pass

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones sent Twitter into a frenzy with his smooth and extraordinary method to get up to his feet after a play.

Professional athletes are known for their extraordinary agility and, well, their athleticism. But one NFL player has taken the internet by storm as he appeared to completely defy the laws of gravity.

At the end of a standard football play in which he dove to the ground for a pass, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones appeared to levitate back up to his feet.

The scene unfolded during the Bills’ 16-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Business Insider reports.

Initially, most viewers didn’t even notice the stealth move. However, in the days following the game, a video clip of the play started to go viral.

Jones got back up so smoothly and effortlessly that it looked like the footage was being played in reverse.

Alas, Business Insider analyzed the video and determined that it is completely real and unedited.

It appears that Jones simply used his toes as leverage to pull himself up, which could only mean that his toes have superhuman strength. While the stunt may look cool on video, we don't advise you to try this at home. 

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