Cubs Superfan Bill Murray Gives Random Fan The Surprise Of A Lifetime

The Chicago Cubs' historic World Series victory was even more special for one lucky fan after Bill Murray came to the rescue.

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After nearly 108 years, the Chicago Cubs got rid of the "Curse of the Billy Goat" and won this year’s World Series title by beating the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in 10 innings.

Although it was an historic victory for the team as well as fans all over the country, actor Bill Murray was perhaps the happiest of them all. In fact, considering his die-hard fandom over the years, he could easily be the happiest man on the planet right now.

However, a day before Game 7, Murray made another Cubs fan the happiest person on earth by giving her his spare ticket — right next to his seat.



Karen Michel of Indiana told reporters she had started to walk away from the box office, “heartbroken,” after she failed to get last-minute tickets at Cleveland’s Progressive Field.

That’s when she ran into Murray.

“He turns around and says, ‘Here, here’s a ticket,’” she recalled to

But Michel was in for one more surprise. Not only did the legendary comedian offer her a free ticket, he escorted the lucky fan to their seats, which were just six rows behind home plate.

Oh, and they also shared snacks while cheering their team.

“I thought it was just a ticket to get in,” Michel added. “I didn’t think it would be anything like this.”

At Game 7, Murray probably felt as happy as Michel after his team won its first title since 1908.

Photos and videos of the blissfully happy actor began to take social media by storm:






Previously, at Game 1 of the Cubs’ National League Division Series against the San Francisco Giants, he won hearts by wearing this Ghostbusters themed shirt:



Murray is known as the world’s biggest Cubs fan. Last month, he even crashed a White House press conference to root for his team:

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