Child Battling Cancer Gets To Hit Home-Run At White Sox Game

Alex Estrada, 7, is battling cancer. He was surprised when the White Sox invited him to spend the day — and to hit a home-run in front of a crowd of fans.

Many children across America dream of hitting a home-run in the big leagues. For one little boy in Chicago, that dream came true on Wednesday.

Alex Estrada, 7, is battling stage-four neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that mainly targets children close to his age. Because of his bravery in fighting the disease, Estrada was invited by his favorite Major League Baseball team, the Chicago White Sox, to spend the day with them.

Estrada got to play video games in the clubhouse with players and received an official uniform with his last name on it. He even got his own locker next to the other players.

To cap it all off, Estrada was invited to bat a home-run in front of the entire crowd there for that afternoon’s game. Swinging his bat at an imaginary ball, Estrada rounded the bases, giving high fives to the players along the third baseline and meeting his father at home plate.

The two hugged once he scored the run.

Estrada’s father, Vince, said his son is expected to make a full recovery from the illness. The invite to the game came as a complete surprise to him.

“He had no idea. None at all,” Vince Estrada said.

These are moments worth celebrating — a young child living out a dream of running the bases at a Major League Baseball park. Estrada won’t ever forget this day, and it’s likely the players who spent it with him won’t forget it either.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: redlegsfan21/Wikimedia Commons

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