Chris Gayle’s Apology For Sexist Comment Is Simply Unacceptable

Chris Gayle needs to understand that passing sleazy comments on a woman on live television is not a joke. And his apology just doesn’t matter.

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle has been fined $10,000 for inappropriate, sexist comments about a Channel 10 sports reporter while on live television.

Gayle, who must've thought being a sportsman would let get him away with anything, made a rather cheap pass on Mel McLaughlin during an interview after Big Bash League match as he said: “I wanted to come and have an interview with you as well.”

While the Australian reporter was anxious to talk about Gayle’s scores and performance, the sportsman went on: “That’s the reason why I’m here, just to see your eyes for the first time. It’s nice so…Hopefully we can win this game and have a drink after. Don’t blush, baby.”

Needless to say, the sexist comments made McLaughlin rather uncomfortable. “She was asking him legitimate questions about cricket and he ended up talking about her eyes, so she was a bit taken aback,” Channel 10’s head of sport, David Barham told 3AW Melbourne on Tuesday.

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However, the Jamaican-born cricketer doesn’t seem to understand the impact of his sexist comments, and the harm it has caused, as he went on to call it “a joke” casually adding that people need to “move on.”

Gayle, who touched down in Melbourne on Tuesday morning, addressed a crowd of people: “There wasn’t anything meant to be disrespectful or offensive to Mel. If she felt that way, I’m really sorry for that. There wasn’t any harm meant in that particular way, to harm any particular person in any particular way like that. It was a simple joke. The game was going on. Entertainment, things get out of proportion but these things happen. It wasn’t any harm done and like I said, I will leave it at that. I’m sorry for that. We have to move on, simple.”

What’s even worse is the fact that this is not the first time Gayle has made such remarks about a woman. Earlier in 2015, the cricketer responded to a woman’s question about pitch conditions by saying  “Well I haven’t touched yours yet, so I don’t know how it feels.”

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It is about time the sportsman realized that his juvenile, crude passes on women is no joke. Comments made by him are in absolute bad taste and he will never learn a lesson until he is punished for his sexist attitude. Men like Gayle need to understand that as professionals and celebrities, or simply even as humans, they have no right to make an unwanted pass on women whenever they feel like it.

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