Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Reporter’s Microphone Into Lake

Portugal’s national soccer star threw a reporter’s microphone into a lake after being asked questions about an upcoming match in Euro 2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s pressure to perform well at the UEFA European Championship led to him chucking a sports reporter’s microphone into a nearby lake.

Portugal’s soccer star was walking with his teammates in Lyon, France when a reporter from CMTV asked him if he was ready to defeat Hungary in today’s game, according to TIME.

Ronaldo then threw the reporter’s microphone into a lake, continuing to walk with his teammates as if nothing happened.

Portugal needs to beat Hungary in order to have a remaining place in the soccer tournament, according to The Guardian.

This isn’t the first time Ronaldo has shown poor sportsmanship.

According to CNN, he previously went after Iceland’s soccer team, saying they had a “small mentality” after Portugal and Iceland scored in a tie during Euro 2016.

Fernando Santos, Portugal's national soccer team coach, remains positive of Ronaldo’s attitude and ability to perform well in future games.

ronaldo throws reporter mic

“I am sure he will get over everything and do what he does best. He’s always proved that what he does best is score and I’m sure he will do everything to be anxiety free to score,” Santos said.

Instead of taking his frustrations out on reporters, Ronaldo needs to get it together and use his energetic anger on the soccer field to lead his team to victory in Euro 2016

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