Thousands Gather To Honor Chapecoense Plane Crash Victims

Thousands of soccer fans paid respects to the deceased Chapecoense players outside of the stadium where they were scheduled to play against Atletico Nacional.

Soccer fans were planning to watch the Copa Sudamericana finals matchup between Colombia's Atletico Nacional and Brazil's Chapecoense on Wednesday night.

Those plans were quelled following the tragic airplane crash that claimed the lives of most of the Chapecoense team and several others on board. 

The game was, of course, canceled but that did not deter a huge crowd of fans from showing up outside of the stadium in a tribute dedicated to the fallen athletes.

Fans also filled the inside of the stadium, cheering and sporting Chapecoense paraphernalia in a show of solidarity.

Fox Sports Brazil, which had six of its employees on the flight, broadcasted a black screen with the hashtag #90MinutesOfSilence in observance of the tragedy during the time the game was set to air, Uproxx reports.

Twitter user @Escojar posted that more than 100,000 fans showed up for the tribute at the stadium. Although the circumstances are heartbreaking, it is beautiful to see such a massive group of people come together to pay their respects to all those who died and their grieving loved ones. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @Escojar

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