England Soccer Player Offers To Send Jerseys To Kids Rescued From Cave

England defender Kyle Walker, who followed the developments of a group of children soccer players trapped in a cave, made the offer on Twitter.

England defender Kyle Walker looks onto the soccer field.

The world is thrilled with the successful rescue of 12 kids and their soccer coach after they were trapped for several days in a cave in Thailand.

Since the children were soccer players themselves, many of them were wearing jerseys of teams from around the world when they got trapped, likely in celebration of the World Cup tournament presently going on in Russia. Some were wearing England’s jersey as well, which prompted one member of that nation’s team to want to send them a gift.

“Amazing news that all of the Thai kids are out of the cave safely! I'd like to send out shirts to them!” England’s defender Kyle Walker wrote on Twitter. “Is there anyone who can help with an address?”

The delivery of these jerseys would likely mean a lot to the kid players — especially since England has a real shot at making it to the World Cup finals, if they defeat Croatia in Wednesday’s semi-final match.

FIFA announced this week that the children, much to the disappointment of fans, would not be able to make the World Cup competition this year.

“We have been informed by the Football Association of Thailand that due to medical reasons, the boys will not be in a position to travel to Moscow for the FIFA World Cup final,” a statement from that organization read.

But they plan to do their best to honor them in some other capacity.

"FIFA’s priority remains the health of everyone involved in the operation and we will look into finding a new opportunity to invite the boys to a FIFA event to share with them a moment of communion and celebration,” the statement also said.

Walker’s gift is a generous offer to these children, but it’s also symbolic of the relief and gratefulness that people around the world feel for the kids coming out safe. Many people worried that the outcome of this event could have ended much worse.

Thanks to the rescue operations that worked diligently throughout the past week, these children are safe, back with their parents — and likely, soon to be the recipients of some pretty awesome soccer gear.

At least one Twitter user suggested that these heroes also receive something special for their efforts. 

Perhaps Walker will take his follower's advice and reward everyone who was responsible for the miraculous rescue mission in addition to the young athletes. Either way, his generosity is commendable.   

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