ESPYS Will Posthumously Award Coaches Who Died In Parkland Shooting

The annual event to honor athletes generally gives the Best Coach Award to individuals "strictly for their work" as a coach with a pro or amateur sports team.

This year’s ESPY awards will honor coaches who died trying to protect their students' lives.

The Best Coach Award has traditionally gone to coaches “strictly for their work on the field,” ESPN said in a statement on Wednesday. But this year, the honor will go to Aaron Feis, Scott Beigel, and Chris Hixon — high school coaches who gave their lives so that others could survive during a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, earlier this year.

Besides being coaches, the honor is being given to these men posthumously for “their immeasurable bravery in the face of danger and for their ultimate sacrifice to protect the lives of countless students,” ESPN Magazine Editor in Chief Alison Overholt said.

The event, being hosted this year by Danica Patrick, will take place on July 18 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Typically honoring athletes for their feats during the last calendar year, the ESPYS this year is making a commendable move to show their support for these high school coaches, who showed tremendous courage in defending their students’ lives.

This honor is being given to the right individuals, but we must also honor them in other ways — including passing comprehensive and meaningful gun legislation that will work to prevent such massacres from happening in the future.

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