French Player Uses World Cup Cash To Help Kids With Disabilities

A 19-year-old French soccer player will donate his World Cup salary and bonus to an organization that teaches sports to children with disabilities.

French soccer player Kylian Mbappe, 19, played an important role in helping France win this year’s World Cup, but he’s not keeping the cash he made thanks to his magnificent performance.

Instead, Mbappe said he’s donating his earnings to Premiers de Cordee, a charity organization that teaches sports to ill or disabled children.

Mbappe said the decision came as he realized that his earnings could help bring joy to a greater number of children through the work Premiers de Cordee does for kids. 

In an interview, Premiers de Cordee General Manager Sebastien Ruffin praised the player and his dedication to making life easier for these kids.

“Kylian, he's a great person,” he said. “When his schedule allows it, he intervenes for us with pleasure. He has a very good [relationship] with children, he always finds the right [words] to encourage them. I sometimes even feel that [he] takes more pleasure to play with the kids than the kids themselves.”

Ruffin added that the entire organization was thankful, and that the decision came from Mbappe, himself.

“[W]e are very touched by the approach of Kylian,” he told reporters. “This is a very personal approach made by the player: We never ask for financial help from our sponsors.”

Mbappe has been a long-term supporter of the organization, helping them financially and participating in events since June 2017.

Earning £17,000 (around $22,500) per game during the tournament in Russia and getting a £265,000 bonus ($350,000) for getting France the World Cup trophy is helping him to do much more for the kids. And being so young and so accomplished already, it’s clear he's not stopping anytime soon.


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