Gay World Cup Fan Left Disabled After Attack In Russia

A French gay couple was reportedly attacked while in Russia for the World Cup. Reports say they may have been targeted because of their sexuality.

Russian police officers try to take LGBTQ rainbow flag from three women.

A French gay couple were allegedly beaten up in St. Petersburg, Russia, while they were there for the World Cup.

It's yet another display of intolerance in the country.

LGBTQ activists said this report proves gays are not welcome in Russia — a reality that has been long on display. To further validate this disturbing circumstance, the British Football Supporters’ Federation released a warning requesting that soccer fans visiting Russia avoid being open about their sexuality in public.

The victim who suffered the most serious injuries was identified only as O. Davrius. He and his companion were reportedly attacked after they caught a taxi together. Their wallets and phones were also stolen.

Davrius was rushed to the hospital where doctors found he suffered an open craniocerebral injury and jaw fracture.

The first report came from Telegram channel OperSlil, which, according to Pink News, reports information straight from law enforcement agencies. The Daily Beast reported in its original story that OperSlil stated, “Even though the injured are homosexuals, it does not justify the monsters who beat him.” It added that the attack left the victim “disabled.”

Police reportedly arrested two men in connection with this crime, Ismet Gaidarov, 25, and Rasul Magomedov, 24.

This horrific report unfortunately isn’t an isolated issue for anyone from the LGBTQ community in Russia.

Recently, Pride in Football campaign leaders told reporters they were threatened by Russians who said they would stab them if they went to the country for World Cup.

And just before this vicious attack, LGBTQ activist Peter Tatchell was detained by Russian police in Moscow after he held a solo protest against the country for its history of LGBTQ and human rights abuse.

Thankfully, he was later released.

It’s deeply saddening to learn that it’s 2018 and people still have to fear being targeted for their sexuality, color of their skin, or religious background. What’s worse is to know that even here in America, this type of attitude can be seen not only in remote regions but also among political groups.

It’s time for a real change so that nobody has to fear being themselves.


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