This Overconfident Haitian Hurdler Couldn’t Get Past The First Hurdle

With this kind of a performance, it's hard to tell whether Jeffrey Julmis has his eyes on the medal or simply wanted to complete the race.

Haitian hurdler Jeffrey Julmis seemed extremely confident of himself right before the 110m hurdles semi-final at the 2016 Olympics.




But apparently, things didn’t turn out as he hoped they would, and only a few seconds into the race, the 29-year-old athlete got entangled in the first obstacle, crashed to the ground and rolled over a couple of times. Apparently, he didn’t lift his lead leg high enough to go over the hurdle. However, he managed to crawl under the second hurdle and then got up to rush to the finish line where sports enthusiasts gave him a standing ovation.

Unfortunately, Jamaica's Omar McLeod got there before anyone else with a clocked in time of 13.15 seconds.

Despite the fact that Julmis completed the race, he was disqualified for crawling under one hurdle.

A Twitter user compared the Haitian athlete with Shaunae Miller who dived across the finish line, snatching the gold medal from competitor Allyson Felix in the women’s 400m race.



The 2016 Olympics have seen some pretty horrific mishaps so far. Just this week, British cyclist Mark Cavendish caused a crash on the track when he changed tracks without looking. As a result, he crashed into South Korean cyclist Sanghoon Park who was moving in the same direction, and then went on to win the silver medal.

Moreover, as the Olympic Games kicked off, Dutch cyclist Annemiek Van Vleuten suffered a crash during the women’s road race. She was only six miles away from the finish line and was in the lead at the time.

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