Houston Texans Dump $16K Dinner Bill On Rookie Who Only Ordered Salad

The Houston Texans literally gave their new rookie safety a run for his money after racking up a huge tab during a team dinner and leaving him to pay for it.

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The NFL’s Houston Texans took hazing to new heights by sticking one of their rookies with an outrageously expensive dinner bill.

K.J. Dillon, the rookie safety for the team, is known for being frugal, CBS Sports reports. Even after being drafted in the fifth round and being offered a $2.5 million deal, he decided to order a simple $13 Caesar salad when he went out for dinner with his veteran teammates.

Dillon tweeted a photo of the bill he was expected to pay, which came out to a jaw-dropping $16,255.20.

His caption simply read, “When you get left with the tab ……”

Although the bill included more than $8,000 worth of alcoholic beverages, Dillon didn’t drink a single one of them. In fact, he doesn’t drink at all, as he noted on Twitter.

CBS Sports pointed out that this is a typical hazing practice in the NFL, used as sort of a rite of passage to welcome the young rookies who have essentially become millionaires overnight.

Don’t feel bad though; Dillon assured his followers that his teammates treat him to a meal out weekly, so he didn’t mind footing the bill for them for a change.

“My vets take me out to eat once a week. Never asked for a dime. I got them boys," Dillon wrote in a since deleted tweet. 

 But yikes! These players sure have expensive tastes. 

Banner Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, eschipul

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