Indonesian Goalkeeper Dies After Colliding With Teammate During Game

Persela Lamongan goalkeeper Choirul Huda’s tragic death is a reminder that seemingly minor injuries can turn out be extremely dangerous.


Most may not consider soccer an unsafe or potentially injurious sport compared to mixed martial arts and rugby, given that soccer players usually make contact with each other or inanimate objects with less force than, say, ice hockey players.

However, the truth is collisions in soccer — or any other sport, for that matter — can be just as deadly.

Case in point: Choirul Huda, goalkeeper for popular Indonesian soccer club Persela Lamongan, tragically died after colliding with a teammate during a game against national club Semen Padang.

The 38-year-old, who made his debut in 1999 and was considered a legendary figure among soccer fans in the country, collided with defender Ramon Rodrigues just as he was rushing off to smother an attacking move from the opposing team.

The goalkeeper collided with defender, who was rushing back to clear his lines toward the end of the first half.

Huda was reportedly conscious after the incident and complained of “pain in the chest,” but he soon fell unconscious, prompting the medical team to transport him to the Regional General Hospital in Lamongan.

According to the reports, he was still breathing when he was brought to the hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after.

“He passed away because collision in the head and behind the neck,” explained Dr. Zaki Mubarok of the Dr. Soegiri Lamongan General Hospital.

The mourning team also released a statement.

“All of the players finished the game and went to the hospital, where it was announced that Choirul Huda had died,” Persela coach Aji Santoso told the reporters. “The loss of Choirul Huda has hit us all hard. We did not have time to see a doctor, only to see his body.”





Huda’s tragic death is a powerful reminder that seemingly minor collision injuries can turn out be extremely dangerous.

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