Scott Dixon Miraculously Survives Wild Crash At The Indy 500

Jay Howard lost control of his car on lap 53, and Scott Dixon rammed into him, before flying into the air and crashing onto a wall.

New Zealand racer Scott Dixon left everyone stunned after surviving a dramatic car crash that sent him flying into the air before plummeting onto a retaining wall.

During the annual Indianapolis 500 taking place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana, racers Scott Dixon and Jay Howard collided, sending Dixon airborne.

It all started off when Howard lost control of his car on lap 53 and rammed into the side wall before coming into Dixon’s way. Dixon, who was in his No. 9 Chip Ganassi Honda and did not have enough time to swerve away, crashed into the car in front of him before going airborne and hitting the inside retaining wall, the collision tearing his car apart.

While he was in the air, Helio Castroneves’ car drove past under him.

What is surprising is that despite the intensity of the crash, the tub containing the racer stayed intact, leaving him unscathed.

The race came to a halt for around 18 minutes while track workers repaired the safety fencing and cleared out the track for other racers.

“Glad everybody was OK. Definitely a wild ride,” Dixon said of the crash in an interview.


The drivers underwent a quick medical checkup at the medical center at the track and fortunately neither of them sustained any major injuries. Howard and Dixon even managed to walk away from their cars following the crash, which is a big thing considering the intensity of it all. 





Check out the epic video above.

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