Euro 2016 Irish Fans To Earn Well-Deserved Medal For Sportsmanship

At the time when English and Russian fans’ clashes might have soured the mood at Euro 2106, the green-clad Ireland’s fans came to the rescue. And now they are being rewarded for it.

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will receive a medal of honor from France for their excellent behavior during Euro 2016, said Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

The medal, known as Grand Vermeil, is Paris’ most prestigious accolade and has been awarded to many cultural and political figures. Hidalgo has already written to the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, to inform him about the honor.

It has not yet been revealed when the ceremony will take place.

“They participated in the festive atmosphere that has been prevailing in Paris these last two weeks,” said Jean-François Martins, deputy mayor for sport and tourism. “They are a model for all the supporters of the world. As shown in the numerous videos that circulate on the social networks, the Parisians particularly appreciated meeting them, speaking with them and sharing those joyful moments that are essential in such a great sportive event.”

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Many people are in agreement (as evidenced by the comments in the numerous videos circulating the net) the best thing about the Euro 2016 tournament has been the party-loving Irish football fans.

It not just the seemingly infinite number of songs they know, the green-clad supporters are simply some of the nicest people.

Whether it’s helping the locals with their car dents, brightening up babies by singing them lullabies or serenading nuns with hymns, they have made their country proud. They even managed to impress the police and how many of us can say that.

Take a look at the video above to see why the Irish were a big hit in France.

Well played, lads!

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